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An Unique Trialing Experience

par David Dibblee
Clockwise from 1 o'clock: CFC Glenrock Ace, CFC Glenrock Ripple, CFC Rosemount's Rising Star, CFC Rosemount's Rocky and CFC Glenrock Rampant

Has anyone ever run five related field trial champions in an American open, amateur or in a Canadian open all age field trial? In a recent Canadian case, the five dogs included a dam, two dogs from her first litter and two others from her second.

This was an "once in a lifetime event", for myself as well as my dogs. It took place at the 0pen all age trial hosted by the Club de Chiens de Chasse de Quebec (the Hunting Dog Club of Quebec) at Becancour, near Trois Riveries in Quebec on June 11th, 2005.

The dam is my Canadian Field Champion (CFC) Glenrock Ripple, born on December 23rd, 1993. Her sire was the 1998 Canadian National Champion (CNC), CFC Birdrowe Fury of Webbswood (UK), and her dam was CFC Glenrock Red Hot Pepper. The two dogs from Ripple’s first litter are Glenrock Rampant and Glenrock Ace, born on May 4th of 1998. Their sire was CFC Flushing Wing Jake the Snake. The two dogs from Ripple’s second litter are Rosemount’s Rising Star and Rosemount’s Rock, born on April 21st, 2000. Their sire was CFC Flushing Wing Jazz Man, the Canadian High Point Dog in 2003 and again in 2004.

Of the five, Rosemount’s Rock was the last to achieve his Championship - having placed 1st, his second win, in the open all age trial hosted by the Prince Edward Interprovincial Springer Spaniel Club that was held on Prince Edward Island on Saturday May 28th, 2005. Following that win, I realized that I now had five field trial champions, though the last time that Ripple had competed in any licensed field trial was some two years ago in the Spring of 2003 in Nova Scotia. As the entries to the CCCQ trials had not closed, I decided to bring Ripple out of her two year retirement and run all five of my champions in the CCCQ’s June 11th 2005 trial.

So Ripple, almost twelve years old, ran against two of her first breeding offspring Ace and Ramp, aged seven plus two of her second breeding, Star and Rocky, aged five. The field consisted of 30 entries, with many dogs entered from both Canada and the USA. Handlers included: Jim Keller, Cliff Vinke, Jason Green, David McIntire, Theresa Sampson, Carolyn Oliver, Michel Bourdeau, Bruno Gosselin, Gerry Babin, Alex Smith, Andre Trudel, Mario Gagon, Robert Ford and others. The Judges were Pat Perry from Massachusetts and Cosimo Cristo from Ontario. The conditions were anything but ideal. It was very hot, 32C (90F) with very little breeze, especially in the third series. The cover ranged from mixed high grasses to brush with occasional trees... real hunting cover!

Ripple, Ramp, Star, David Dibblee, Ace and Rocky

Ten dogs - including Rampant and Star - were called back to the third series. Unfortunately, but perhaps to be expected, Ripple did not finish the trial, (her only training having consisted of two pigeons the night before) but her second series finds were great. Ace and Rocky also did not finish.

However, at the end of the day, Star won the trial was and Rampant placed fourth. Needless to say, a GREAT DAY for me and my dogs. To have all five of my Canadian champions running in the same trial was a memorable event in itself. To have Star win and have Rampant place fourth certainly "put the icing on the cake".

I plan to attend the Canadian National this fall and to run Ace, Rampant, Star and Rocky. That trial will be held at St. Anne de la Perade, also near Trois Rivieres, Quebec. It will start on Friday, October 7th. 2005. I am looking forward to seeing many trialing friends from both sides of the border at that time.

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